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All estates with assets above £325k (figure correct for transfers after 5th April 2012) will potentially be required to pay an inheritance tax bill at 40% above the nil rate band.

The rules that govern Inheritance Tax (Inheritance Tax Act 1984) are complicated, and the executor must pay any tax due to the Inland Revenue within 6 months of the date of death and prior to receiving the Grant of Probate.

For the majority of people, the most important aspects of Inheritance Tax are:

  • To keep the bill to a minimum
  • To make sure that it is declared to the Inland Revenue
  • To pay it within the time limit.

It is sometimes necessary to pay the tax bill in instalments or to acquire a bridging loan.

The Probate Partnership Ltd specialises in this area, working with a number of professionals in order to deal with this matter swiftly and efficiently.

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