Executor of a Will is a responsibility

//Executor of a Will is a responsibility

Executor of a Will is a responsibility

Life is quite unpredictable and death is the ultimate reality we have to come to terms with. It takes one untimely death in the family to bring us face to face with the fragility of our existence. At such a time, we would need all the courage and conviction in our souls to hold ourselves together, let alone attend to the practicalities that are involved. Faced with such a situation, we could do with the services of specialised lawyers having both expertise and experience in probate and wills. These are the people who can help us perform our duties as executors of a will and assist us in grant of probate. They would offer probate advice, assist us in dealing with the various legal issues involved, and help us move ahead.

Also, being an executor of a will is a responsibility that some of us might be a little wary of taking up. The entire process is difficult as well as time consuming and comes with a lot of financial and tax related aspects that need to be sorted out. Most of us would not be able to make light of this huge responsibility of taking care of the deceased’s obligations as executors of his will. What we can do instead is take the help of professionals having experience in all the legal aspects and make the most of the probate advice so obtained.

Expert probate advice is necessary when a person passes away with or without a will in place. In case there is a will, the executors need to prove it at the Probate Registry and obtain a grant of probate. Such a grant is very much required for the executors to claim their share in the estate. In case the person dies without a will, the eligibility of the inheritors needs to be determined under the Administration of Estates Act 1925. In such instances also, one cannot do without probate advice.

The probate solicitors and experts would help us in understanding the duties of an executor. These people would help us in identifying all the assets of the deceased and assist us in estimating the claims against the estate. We would need to obtain a valuation of all the joint as well as sole assets of the deceased. Then, there are the issues related to preparation of tax returns and obtaining tax clearances. There are court forms that need to be filled and completed and accounts for the beneficiaries that need to be drawn up. In all these different areas, probate advice is very much essential.

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