Probate Services in London – Some basic facts

//Probate Services in London – Some basic facts

Probate Services in London – Some basic facts

After the death of a person, his property and other assets pass on to his heirs; the legal process that is employed to facilitate this property transfer is known as probate. There are several facets to this; it could be the passing of title in some cases. In other cases, it could involve determining who gets what when someone passes away. If a will exists, there is nothing like it and one can determine “who gets what” quite easily. However, in instances where there is no will, the laws of intestacy or the laws determining hierarchy of heirs are looked up. Quite like any other place, the probate services in London are also rather essential to settle property related issues and are much in demand.

The fact that the deceased has a will does not mean that probate is not required. Undoubtedly, the existence of the will makes the entire process simple and hassle free. However, probate is still very much necessary to oversee the transfer of assets; probate services London prove themselves to be invaluable in this context as well.

The probate services in London would include

•    Identifying and listing the property (and assets) of the deceased
•    Accounting and appraising of the property (and assets)
•    Paying of taxes due to the govt
•    Disbursing the assets to the heirs as per the terms of the will

A probate specialist would understand all the legal formalities that need to be adhered to in the instances when someone passes away. He would see to it that the property of the deceased is distributed as specified in the will. The probate process is overseen by an executor, in case there is a will. In case there is no will, the probate process is overseen by the court or someone whom the court represents. In such instances, the personal representatives of the deceased have to apply for letters of administration under the Administration of Estates Act, 1925. The providers of probate services in London would make this entire process less daunting for the people involved.

There could be some property that the deceased owned individually. For the ownership of such property to pass on to the heirs mentioned in the will, probate is required. The probate services would not be required in case of jointly owned property, which would then be transferred to the surviving owners.

There are quite a few law firms – specialising in wills and probate – and offering probate services in London. It is easy to get in touch with any such specialist probate services firms by searching the Internet. Many firms offer free consultation services and the legal representatives from these firms can visit you in your own home and office.

Contact us to learn more about probate services in London and how probate solicitors can help you.

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